What Can Be Done?

We covet your thoughts, prayers, and donations, as we serve the extensive needs of individuals with physical and mental impairments. Please allow us the honor of serving individuals you might know who can benefit from a service dog.

Freedom Fido’s provides not only the dogs, but also the training, and lifetime support, at no cost. The average cost for us to provide a service dog is $3000 – $6000. Although this increases the amount of funds we have to raise we gladly do so because we seek to reduce any barriers to a quality of life for those who have undergone life changing traumatic events. We know that a service dog frequently not only alleviates the effects of an injury, but also, provides a better quality of life.

Your generous support allows us to continue to serve the needs of individuals who need the life changing service we provide.

What Does it take to Prepare A Service Dog?

Initial Series of Puppy Vaccinations                                       $75

Spaying/Neutering Cost                                                          $90

MicroChip                                                                               $35

Kennel for Crate Training                                                       $90

Leash and summer and winter Service Dog Vest                  $300

Adoption Fee/Donation to Shelter (if applicable)                    $100

Nylabone Chew Toys (at least 2 toys, maybe more)             $30

Food for 24 months ($30 per month)                                     $720

Annual Well Puppy Visits to the Vet   (2 visits)                       $200

Grooming  ($50 average per visit)                                          $1200

Flea, tick, heartworm preventative ($30 per month)              $720

Transportation Costs to pick up and/or deliver dog                $300-500

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Training                                FREE***

Service Dog Task Training                                                     FREE***

Service Dog Handler Training                                                FREE***


*These figures are for a 24 month training period

 **These figures are derived from budgeted line items

*** Our trainers are all volunteers which is how we are able to keep our costs lower than other service dog organizations. 


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Our Needs:

Dog Trainers:

Experienced in the areas of task training, tethering, and working with special needs children

Board Members

A Facility or Property:

– Atlanta, Georgia or surrounding areas,

– Myrtle Beach, SC or surrounding areas,

– Colorado, possibly Golden, Colorado Springs, Granby area,

– Goldsby Oklahoma,)

Motorized RV

SUVs’ or Vans


Individuals with expertise in the following areas:

– Accounting

– Business Plans

– Non Profit Management

– Lawyer

– Grant writing and advisement

– Writing skills

– Searching the internet for fundraising opportunities

– Video and photography expertise

– Facebook and social media expertise

– Website Optimization

– Rain makers

Corporate Sponsorship’s


Wish List:

  • Wal-Mart gift cards

Dog Food (We use Rachel Ray, Just Six, or Nutrish)

  • Service Dog Vests

We use Active Dogs.Com/ item no 707572-l-rb Butterfly Pocket Cape. We have the license Pocket added for $10. We order the Service Dog and Working Dog Do not Pet Patch loose. (Medium or Large).  We need 5 per month.

  • Donations for property we need for a facility.

Our property fundraising site:  https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/7v2V3

  • Motor-home

This would be used for the fundraisers we attend as well as demonstrations. Because we have more than one dog with us we aren’t able to stay at motels. Additionally, when we deliver a service dog to veterans we will be staying in their town for up to three days while we train the veteran how to be a service dog handler.  This is an urgent need as we will be delivering 5 service dogs in the month of January in various states across the US.  Our motor-home fundraising site:  https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/av31d

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Your time and skills can be put to use!  We can use help while we attend events, handing out marketing materials, crowd management, helping the handlers and trainers monitor the dogs,

  • Individuals willing to wear our patches on their clothing, in the future t-shirts
  • Taking a dog for a day to increase socialization exposure
  • Keeping us informed about events we might want to attend
  • Inviting us to come speak at your organizations you are a member of

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