Matthew Burgess


Matt has been training dogs since October 2013 when he trained his own dogs for basic obedience.  Brinks, his current service dog, showed exceptional skills and cognitive functioning.  Matt wanted Brinks to become a service dog, so he worked with another service dog trainer teaching Matt how to train Brinks to become his service dog,  Brinks, not only the spokesdog for Freedom Fidos, but also helps Matt with various daily tasks that his physical disabilities prevent him from performing.

In early 2014, Matt started training rescue dogs with another service dog organization and was assigned veteran clients.   This organization didn’t provide the service dog training at no cost.  Matt felt this was a financial burden for our nation’s heroes and wanted to get support from the businesses and communities the veterans served to support their service dog needs.

He started his own non-profit organization in June 2014 and focused specifically on providing service dogs and service dog training to veterans at no cost to the veteran and his/her families.