From the Founder

Thank you for visiting your website. Freedom Fido’s is about humanity. It is not about me or the amazing people who invest themselves in the success of this organization. We believe that when we operate from a love of humanity with a collective goal to love, accept, enrich, empower, and change the lives of our fellow citizens we live a deeply rewarding life. When we live in this manner we believe we can and do make our world a better place, in which we can all exist harmoniously. We hope you find it innovative, warm, informative, and in some small way has an impact. We hope it gives you a small glimmer of hope and something to be part of. Thank you for joining us.


To our veterans:

Thank you for taking your time to check out your website. As a veteran myself I believe I can relate to the selfless service you gave our Country. Thank You. Please give my thanks to your significant others, families, and friends as they often are the warriors who didn’t wear the uniform. I would be honored to serve you if you choose Freedom Fidos. I understand the challenges and obstacles which injuries, combat, and deployments often create. I would be honored to advocate for you, collaborate with you, while providing not just a service, but also, a lifestyle and healing modality which has dramatically improved my quality of life. I have every confidence that injuries, traumatic events, life changing events, have not killed the warrior spirit that still burns within you. I think you have another mission to accomplish for yourself. I would be honored if you allow me to be your battle buddy and have your six if you choose Freedom Fido’s. If you wore a uniform I consider you my brother/sister. I will be available to you via email, phone, or text. I believe in you. I will give you the same amount of training and preparedness to be a service dog handler as you experienced in the military. Subsequently you will be just as confident as you were when any situation was thrown at you during the time you served. If you decide Freedom Fidos is the right fit for you my promise to you is that we will not leave a man /woman behind. I promise you that if you qualify we will provide the service dog trained for your specific needs which will dramatically increase your quality of life. Your service dog will become your battle buddy, medic, team, squad, and understand you sometimes at a deeper level then fellow soldiers ever can. If you determine Freedom Fidos is the organization for you I firmly believe you will you will gain many of the benefits you had in the military which you now miss. I look forward to witnessing your warrior spirit.

To our fur kids:

You are the ones often who have no voice. Often you are misunderstood, treated inhumanely, and left in a shelter when you are no longer convenient. This kind of treatment hurts me deeply when I witness’ it. You’re various sizes, shapes, colors, temperaments, and personalities all not only fascinate me, but also give me many heart smiles. Your wagging tail, the way you rest your head on my lap, the way you look into my eyes with such devotion, and so much more, deeply enriches my life. The exceptionally tasks you perform for people with disabilities and the way you change and enrich their lives is heartwarming. You often sense a disease or a change in our mood or blood sugar, bring us our phone when we are impaired, and wake us up when we stop breathing at night. You help give many people their life back to include getting out of the house. Thank you. Our commitment to you: We will continue to practice due diligence in understanding you as you are. As humans with the ability to change and learn we will take the responsibility to adopt new mindsets, gain deeper understanding of canine psychology, which in turn gives us a satisfying relationship with you. We will advocate for you in any capacity possible. We will NEVER get close to any behavior which could be construed as abusive. Nor will we condone these behaviors in other people. These behaviors break our hearts. We will report these behaviors to the appropriate authorities. Thank you for the tangible and intangible life changing experiences you give us on a daily basis. We are better people when you are in our lives.

To our Children:

You have a special place in my heart.  Your playful spirit, willingness to learn, resiliency, and your youthful energy, not only inspire me but also are certain to give me a smile. Thank You.  Our commitment to you:

  • We will honor and respect you believing we can learn from you. You enrich our lives with even the smallest interaction.
  • We will strive to understand you while making you a priority in our lives.
  • We will strive to provide a service to you which will enable you to continue to overcome adversity while empowering you to live your life with a sense of normalcy. We want you to enjoy your childhood.

To our Community:

We view our community as a place wherever there are people. We would not have achieved our current or future level of success and the people we have reached without you. Thank You. You have invested your time, creative energy, monetary donations, thoughts, and prayers, for which we are eternally grateful. We have been overwhelmed as we witness the kind and giving spirit of humanity. We feel like we are blessed to get to work not only with incredible dogs, but also, amazing people. WOW.

Freedom Fido’s is, and will continue to reach individuals from all walks of life. These individuals are missing something in their life, Regardless of any great resource they have utilized there is still a small sliver of emptiness within them. A service dog fills this void. A service dog provides the healing which humans can’t. These individuals are able to rely on their Service Dog to alleviate their disabilities without having to incorporate the help of a human being.

How do we describe what an individual feels when their Service dog once again empowers the individual to for the first time get out of their house and go to Wal-Mart? What overwhelming emotion does an individual feel when their dog leans against their leg stopping them from falling down? What emotions does a parent experience when their child can once again run and play because the service dog will provide mobility support when it is needed through one simple command of, “brace?” What must it be like for the tired arms of an individual in a wheelchair when their service dog pulls the wheelchair for them? When a strong man with vertigo is lying on the ground feeling embarrassed, confused, and powerless, what must it be like for that man when his service dog walks up with its tail wagging furiously pulling him to his feet? What does the disabled veteran feel when he is lying on the ground, away from people, feeling scared and hopeless, when suddenly his phone is dropped on his chest by his service dog, as the dog licks his face? What does your best friend working at the bank with a seizure disorder who previously constantly lived in state of fear as she wondered when the next seizure would occur feel when she now has the confidence her service dog will alert her typically two hours before her seizure? At Freedom Fido’s we are extremely blessed to witness the answer to those questions on a daily basis. We want all members of our community to witness that with us.

If we empower just one individual to have the quality of life that they once had or maybe are experiencing for the first time then we believe, not only have we have accomplished our goal, but also, we experience an transformation into a deeper level of understanding our fellow humanity. Powerful.

PLEASE, come join us. Not only do we need you, the people who choose Freedom Fido’s need you, and our promise is that your life will be dramatically changed as you empower others to live theirs. PLEASE, come join us.

Matt Burgess