Bronson paws up

Freedom Fido’s is a non-profit organization providing task-trained, no cost, service dogs to individuals challenged with physical and cognitive impairments. Freedom Fido’s, founded by a disabled veteran who served in the Army and deployed to Bosnia and Macedonia in the mid 90’s. After 9/11 he volunteered to join the Army National Guard and deployed to Iraq in 2003. Matt suffered an adverse reaction to the mandatory vaccination program. The blast explosions he endured resulted in multiple traumatic brain injuries. His disabilities led him to get his dog, Brinks, trained to be his service dog.

Freedom Fido’s is proud to rescue and train dogs from local animal shelters. We are also one of the only organizations of this kind to offer service dog training to a person’s existing dog.

Freedom Fido’s incorporates disadvantaged children and teenagers into the training of our service dogs in efforts to provide them with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to become future dog trainers. Additionally, we educate the caregiver or family on their role in supporting not only the handler, but also, the service dog.

What we absolutely want is to provide a safe haven for any individual who chooses our organization. Our carefully selected Board Members have a single minded intention to use their skills to collaborate with you because they care about humanity and are driven by their desire to make your tomorrow better than today. When we accomplish this we believe we have been successful.

We will thoroughly prepare you to be a service dog handler. You will be informed and confident with the right mentalities to handle any situation you might encounter.  Our relationship will not end once you are a qualified handler. We will support you in every manner possible for the length of time you so desire.

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