Our Average Cost To Train A Service Dog

Our First-Year Accomplishments!

  • We have 5 service dog trainers
  • We have certified 23 service dog handlers with their service dogs
  • We have a waiting list of 90 plus disabled veterans and children that need a service dog. We will quickly reduce that number once we raise the funds for land for a facility.

What Does it take to Prepare A Service Dog?

Initial Series of Puppy Vaccinations                                       $75

Spaying/Neutering Cost                                                          $90

Microchip                                                                                $35

Kennel for Crate Training                                                       $90

Leash and summer and winter Service Dog Vest                  $300

Adoption Fee/Donation to Shelter (if applicable)                    $100

Nylabone Chew Toys (at least 2 toys, maybe more)             $30

Food for 24 months ($30 per month)                                     $720

Annual Well Puppy Visits to the Vet   (2 visits)                       $200

Grooming  ($50 average per visit)                                          $1200

Flea, tick, heartworm preventative ($30 per month)              $720

Transportation Costs to pick up and/or deliver dog                $300-500

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Training                                FREE***

Service Dog Task Training                                                     FREE***

Service Dog Handler Training                                                FREE***


*These figures are for a 24 month training period

 **These figures are derived from budgeted line items

*** Our trainers are all volunteers which is how we are able to keep our costs lower than other service dog organizations. 

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