VIDEO: Witness The Freedom Fidos Service Dogs Changing Lives!

How do we describe what an individual feels when their Service dog once again empowers the individual for the first time in years to get out of their house and go to Wal-Mart? What overwhelming emotion does an individual feel when their dog leans against their leg stopping them from falling down? What emotions does a parent experience when their child can once again run and play because the service dog will provide mobility support when it is needed through one simple command of, “brace”? What must the parent feel when they have the comfort of knowing their autistic child won’t possibly drown in a body of water because a service dog is always on alert to prevent this from occurring. What must it be like for the tired arms of an individual in a wheelchair when their service dog pulls the wheelchair for them? When a strong man with vertigo is lying on the ground feeling embarrassed, confused, and powerless, what must it be like for that man when his service dog walks up with its tail wagging furiously pulling him to his feet? What does the disabled veteran feel when he is lying on the ground, away from people, feeling scared and hopeless, when suddenly his phone is dropped on his chest by his service dog, as the dog licks his face? What does your best friend working at the bank with a seizure disorder who previously constantly lived in a state of fear as she wondered when the next seizure would occur feel when she now has the confidence her service dog will alert her typically two hours before her seizure? At Freedom Fido’s we are extremely blessed to witness the answers to those questions on a daily basis. We want all members of our community to witness that with us. Please come and join us.

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